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         Profile:  BSA Troop 77   Elmhurst, IL                      

Potawatomie District    Three Fires Council   
Boy Scouts of America         

Troop 77, chartered in 1934, is sponsored by Immaculate Conception Church, in Elmhurst.

Though sponsored by a Catholic church, half the troop’s members belong to other denominations. 

Meetings are on Sundays, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in the I.C. Parish Center, 130 Arthur St, Lower Level.

 The troop's main activity is camping, with a weekend campout nearly every month, year round. 
Every July the troop spends a week at Boy Scout Camp near the Wisconsin Dells.
Every August, qualified members have a chance to go on a two week canoe trip in the
Superior National Forest Boundary Waters Wilderness along the Minnesota-Canada border. 

The troop also visits places and events of interest, and carries out community service projects.However, all activities are purely optional. 

No one is required or expected to participate in every event.

We believe that nothing is more important to success than Self-Confidence,  Self-Reliance,  Self-Esteem,

and Moral Strength, and among the best means of instilling these qualities is the Eagle Scout Program and Ethic
of the BSA, combined with rigorous wilderness experiences that challenge boys to take care of themselves,
work together, and rely on their own fortitude and resources.

Thus the BSA and Troop 77 powerfully support and supplement the Churches and the Schools,

while also providing valuable training and experience that is not available elsewhere.

New members learn camping and wilderness skills during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  By Winter they are ready to deal with increasingly difficult conditions.  After a year they are capable outdoorsmen, able to live in the woods, to cook good meals, and to build improvised shelters which will keep them warm and dry, even in seriously inclement weather.

These skills are learned primarily by experience, example, and instruction, largely from the older boys. 

Doing things the "right way" is constantly emphasized as always the most effective and usually the easiest. 
        When they have acquired sufficient proficiency in camping, swimming, and canoeing, 
        Troop 77 scouts may go on our annual sixteen day canoeing and backpacking trip. 
        For two weeks we paddle and portage up to a dozen miles a day, making camp every evening. 
        Everything is done by the boys, with minimal adult assistance or direction.
Troop membership varies from twelve to twenty-four active members, ranging from 10 to 18 years old. 
Many of our scouts stay with the troop through age eighteen, while also participating in sports and other activities.  Since 1990, nineteen members have become Eagles, all during their last year of high school.
Former members are now college students, teachers, qualified professionals, and military officers,
and several are also scout leaders. 

Scoutmaster is Dr. A. L. Caso,  Adj Prof at Elmhurst College,  former Navy officer,  former high school teacher,

                Wilderness School grad,  Eagle Scout,  Scout Leader for over 25 years,  resident of Elmhurst since 1938.

Assistant Scoutmaster is Mr. R. J. Kowalkowski, Mdsing Specialist, YMCA staffer, Certified Watersports Instructor,  

                Certified Red Cross First Responder,  Scout Leader for over 10 years,  resident of Elmhurst since 1984.
                  For further information, contact      Art Caso: (630) 833-0128,
                                                                          Bob Kowalkowski: (630) 835-6217,