History of Christ Renews His Parish

Christ Renews His Parish began as a renewal weekend at Holy Family Parish in Parma, OH in 1969.
The members at Holy Family found the enthusiasm and positive response to this initial weekend overwhelming. The program exposed participants to the effectiveness of shared ministry and motivated them to build a Christian community that understood that Jesus Christ was its center. Now, some 40 years later, Holy Family has celebrated its 80th renewal weekend and over 3,000 men and women from their parish have participated.
During the 1970's, news of Christ Renews His Parish’s success at Holy Family motivated other parishes throughout the Cleveland Diocese to adopt the program. Through the 1980's, 90's and into this century, Christ Renews His Parish has spread to over 1,000 parishes, in 72 dioceses, across 32 states and has received the recommendation of the renewal office of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
IC's first Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekends for women and men were held in early 2012 with approximately 20 IC 'pioneers'.  The program has grown every year and after our '18 renewal weekends, we are proud to say we have hosted a total of over 165 fellow IC parishioners for a personal renewal with their faith. 

A high percentage of each year's team members continued their faith formation and shared their faith experience with the next years team, helping to evolve and promote the development of a vibrant faith community at IC by transforming the hearts of committed parishioners, one soul at a time. 

We encourage you to consider joining us for your personal Christ Renews His Parish renewal experience at IC.