A Focus On Ushers

Ushering in the Liturgy of the Eucharist - A message from Jim Viola

     The Mass has 2 major parts, the first is Called the Liturgy of the Word (readings, Gospel, and Homily) and the second is called the Liturgy of the Eucharist (Collection, Presentation of the Gifts , and on through Communion). As the Coordinator of the Usher Ministry at IC, I am honored to be one of the many Ushers who ‘usher in’ the Liturgy of the Eucharist by coordinating the collection, then sending the collection up to the Altar with the Bread and Wine.

     To see an overview of this important Liturgical Ministry, please click here.

     Like all the other Liturgical Ministries, Ushering is more than a ‘volunteer’ activity, it is a Ministry. A Ministry is different than volunteering in that we serve the Lord and serve God’s people by serving at Mass. And specifically we foster the transition into the Liturgy of the Eucharist and lead the assembly to our ultimate goal, giving thanks and partaking in the Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ.

     IC has been blessed with a resurgence of the Usher Ministry because of the dedication of those who have joined the Usher ranks in the past 2 years and continue to serve at Mass. I am the Lead Usher at the 11:30 Mass and have been blessed by the spirit of 25 others who serve at least once monthly and some much more than that. The other Masses do not have as large a population who serve, and it is our Holy mission to add to the Usher ranks at the other 4 weekend Masses.

If you are interested in becoming an Usher or would like more information about this Ministry, please contact Jim Viola at 312.407.7180 or by email:  

God Bless us all, We Are IC!

Dress and Appearance when Participating in Usher Ministry

All that we say and do when we serve as an Usher at Mass speaks about our reverence for the sacred action that takes place during the liturgy.  That includes our demeanor and how we dress.  The focus at the liturgy is the Eucharist and anything that detracts or calls attention to oneself and away from that central point, including one’s dress, should be avoided.
General appearance, apparel, and accessories worn during the liturgy should reflect the dignity of the role of one called upon to assist in the sacred liturgy.  Accordingly, Ushers should dress nicely and modestly.  Business casual attire (dress pants, slacks, or skirts with dress shirts or tops, conservative dresses) is always preferred.  Dress shoes should be the footwear of choice.  Nothing an Usher wears should distract from the community’s prayer.  Shorts, jeans, and similar casual attire are never appropriate.  Proper dress and appearance whenever one attends liturgy is an important commitment of a liturgical minister.  


Appropriate Dress For Usher Ministry

                                      For Women                                  
Dresses, skirt suits (no shorter than 1 inch above the knee)
                       Pant suits, dress pants                      
                  Sweaters & blouses                 
Shoes (not sneakers)


For Men
Dress shirt with collars (tie is preferred, but optional)
Sport coats/Suits (optional during summer)
Shoes (not sneakers)


The following dress is considered inappropriate for Usher Ministers; please dress appropriately if you are scheduled to usher at any Mass.

For Women
Jeans (no matter the cost or label)
Tube or strapless tops, spaghetti straps
Sleeveless/low-cut blouse or dress
Bare midriff, bare shoulders
Form fitting clothes or blouses
Short skirts, shorts
Thong shoes, flip/flops or beach footwear
Tights or leggings (unless worn under skirt or dress)
Tight or low cut slacks; Capri Pants

For Men
Jeans (no matter the cost or label)
Polo shirts, golf shirts
T-shirts (with or without writing)
Shorts (dress or otherwise)
Thong shoes, flip-flops or beach footwear



"If you question if your dress is appropriate or not, it probably is not;   please err on the side of caution"