Welcome to Being Catholic Again
Immaculate Conception Parish is pleased to welcome Catholics
who may feel alienated from the Church, have questions and concerns,
feel like they are slipping away, or would like to come  back to the
Church after a time of being away from active participation. 

Being Catholic Again is a small group of people from our parish
who have committed to meeting with Catholics who
have been away from the Church for any reason and
for any period of time, from months to years. 

We welcome anyone to journey with us as we listen to understand and
then inform, share and move to reconcile that person with the Church.

This is a great opportunity to "fall in love with your faith" again. 

If you or a family member has been away from the Church for a time, please
consider joining  us for your journey to Being Catholic Again.

To be contacted without any obligation, please provide
us with your contact information by clicking here: