Traveling Mary is booked thru July, 2018!
As of June, 2017, Traveling Mary's itinerary has been filled through July of 2018.

Please watch the monthly e-newsletter and weekly bulletins for an announcement that reservations are once again being accepted.

Unfortunately, we do not scheduled more than a year in advance.
Traveling Mary is a statue of the Blessed Virgin that made Her first appearance at IC in 2014 during the Year of Mary. During Her first year She was VERY busy and visited, one week at a time, over 50 IC homes.
While She enjoyed visiting all those families, the travel schedule was very hectic. Traveling Mary let us know that She would like to continue to visit IC families but on a more relaxed visit of 3-4 weeks with each family.
We, of course, agreed with Her and began, in 2015, to schedule Traveling Mary to visit parishioner homes for 3-4 weeks at a time. Host families agreed to take care of delivering Traveling Mary to the next family to expedite the process.
The new arrangement was a hit with both Traveling Mary and the families She has visited since 2015, one month at at time.
Thank you for your interest in having Traveling Mary visit your home.

Faithfully Yours, the IC Worship Commission