Parish Council

  Parish Council  

Pastoral Action Plan

“This Framework for Pastoral Action is not focused on our financial or strategic needs. Instead, it looks at ways to build community and to strengthen faith. In fact, it delineates, as well as we can, how Christ and the Holy Spirit are fulfilling their mission through us here and now.”
                           – Bishop R. Daniel Conlon

"A process of prayer, study and discernment, through which the pastor and pastoral council identify and prioritize ways the parish is being called to live its specific mission in the Diocese of Joliet, in light of the three pillars of discipleship, evangelization and charity.

Areas of focus based on the pastoral framework:

Pillar of Discipleship
  • Cultivate a personal encounter with Jesus in order to joyfully share the Gospel as a knowledgeable and responsible disciple.
  • Inspire young adults to participate as lay leaders in the mission of the Catholic Church.
  • Embrace immigrant Catholics and encourage their development as leaders in the Church.
Pillar of Evangelization
  •  Seek, invite, and welcome Catholics who have drifted away from the Church.
  •  Emphasize and outwardly proclaim the importance of the sacraments and all vocations.
 Pillar of Charity
  • Go outside your church doors to care for people in need. 
  • Advocate for and with people in need as the Gospel instructs you to do.