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We welcome you to learn and grow in the Catholic Faith.
We offer a variety of programs, ongoing, seasonal and special events, to help the members of the parish grow in their faith and their spiritual lives. Besides the regular programs detailed here, check the web site and bulletin regularly for more opportunities.

"One of the constant concerns whose urgency is confirmed by present day experience throughout the world, is the catechesis of adults. This is the principal form of catechesis because it is addressed to persons who have the greatest responsibility and the capacity to live the Christian message in its fully developed form." -- Pope John Paul II.

Adult faith formation
is a priority at Immaculate Conception. We attempt to provide a variety of programming to meet the many needs of adults in our faith community. It is our hope and prayer that you will find the time to take advantage of some of these opportunities to nurture mind and spirit

The Teen Ministry at IC takes a comprehensive look at who teens are. We do our best to meet the teens "where they're at" through our various programs. We attempt to meet all the needs of our teens through large group evangelistic outreaches, retreats, peer leadership opportunities, small groups, service activities, social activities and worship experiences.

K-Grade 5 program emphasizes God's goodness and presence. It aims to bring students to a joyful awareness that Jesus is the Savior who, through the Spirit, leads them to the Father. It encourages an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and with the Church community, leading to commitment and to the fullness of Christian life.Here we should have an intro to Religious Ed, Adult Faith Formation, etc. maybe photos and contact info for the leaders of each group.