The Stewardship Committee is responsible for promoting a life of stewardship within the parish.  This means that we must recognize that all our gifts were given to us by God.  We are responsible for acknowledging those gifts, using them wisely, sharing them with others, and returning them with increase to the Lord.  The way that we accomplish these things is through the sharing of our time, talent and treasure.  None of these things can be accomplished without prayer which is an important part of this process.
The Stewardship Committee is responsible for a yearly Ministry Weekend when parishioners can commit to different ministries for the coming year. 
In the past, the Committee has sponsored Lenten Soup and Stations nights, Thank You Notes to God, Feast of the Immaculate Conception reception, and other activities.  The Committee is currently involved with initiating a Planned Giving program and has assisted with the Offertory Renewal program.  A Welcoming Group will be established to encourage new parishioners to become fully participating members of the IC community through their stewardship.