Altar Servers
The youth of Immaculate Conception are invited to participate in the Mass by becoming an altar server.

Junior high and high school aged youth are invited to be Ministers of the Altar.  Training usually begins near the end of sixth grade.  Altar servers will be assigned every one to two months to a Mass. 

To see an overview of this important Liturgical Ministry, please click here.

If you would like more information on becoming an altar server or the responsibilities associated with it, please contact Maria Wilbert at 630-530-3498 or email her at [email protected].

Dress Considerations for Altar Servers 

All that we say and do when we serve as an Altar Server at Mass speaks about our reverence for the sacred action that takes place during the liturgy.  That includes our demeanor and how we dress.  The focus at the liturgy is the Eucharist.  Anything that detracts or calls attention to oneself and away from that central point, including one’s dress, should be avoided.

For Altar Servers, consideration should be given to any portion of their dress that may be visible to the congregation.  Given that a person's height may not match the length of their Alb, dress shoes for men and closed toed shoes for women are appropriate and preferred.  

Tennis shoes and flip-flops are considered inappropriate.


"If you question if your shoes are or are not appropriate, they probably are not;                                      please err on the side of caution" 

Altar Server Information Form
To properly serve your preferences with regards to days, dates and times that you will be able to paricipate as an Altar Server at IC, we would appreciate it you could complete this form and submit it.