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Immaculate Conception Parish provides warm, welcoming liturgies with relevant, Scripture based homilies that encourage and challenge our community to live a Christ-Centered life in today’s world. 
Our Parish provides worship opportunities that attract all age groups with special emphasis on those who may be marginalized or may be experiencing limited participation. When parishioners leave Church our goal is to have  “their hearts are burning to know love and serve God by loving and serving others.”


Do you know WHY we do WHAT we do
during the celebration of the Mass?
Very often we do things out of habit rather than
reflecting WHY we are doing that action. 

The true beauty of the Mass can be seen more clearly when it is
broken down into its components and explained in a way
that puts emphasis on why an action is made
as opposed to what the action is.

Click here to see why we do what we do during every celebration of the Mass.


Need to plan a special liturgy at IC?
If you need to plan a special Liturgy, a Liturgy Planning Request Form must be submitted a MINIMUM of six (6) weeks prior to the requested date of your Liturgy to be approved by the Parish Calendar Coordinator and the Pastor prior to the IC Liturgical Ministry Coordinators having time to meet your Ministerial needs.  

Please click here to obtain a blank form to print out, insert all requested information, and deliver or fax (630 530- 9346) to the Rectory where your request will be shepherded through the process by Catey Cohen, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator.  If you have any questions, please call Catey at (630) 530-3498.

Again, please note, we need a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the requested date of your Liturgy to properly service your Ministerial needs. 

Thank you, in advance,  for allowing us to be of service to you, 

The IC Worship Commission