Christ Renews His Parish; a personal renewal journey for you
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Every year at IC, Christ Renews His Parish is:
  • A time to relax, refresh, re-energize, pray, and rethink your priorities toward God, your family and your life.
  • A time to get to know others in the parish and grow as a faith community.
  • An opportunity to examine, rediscover, and /or intensify your personal relationship with God
  • A day and a half of reflection and sharing of spiritual and real life issues.
IC's first Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekends for women and men were held in early 2012 with approximately 20 IC CRHP 'pioneers'. 

The program has grown every year and after our '18 renewal weekends, we are proud to have hosted over 165 of your fellow IC parishioners that experienced a personal renewal of their faith. 

We invite you to explore the various aspects of a personal renewal experience at IC by using the links to your left (the short video on the Holy Spirit link is very informative). 

Hopefully the experiences of your friends and fellow parishioners will move you toward committing to your own personal renewal experience with other IC parishioners. 

Yours in the Faith,

Participants of previous IC Christ Renews His Parish Renewal Weekends
    What ANY Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekend @ IC will....NOT be!
  • Your Christ Renews His Parish
    renewal weekend at IC will...... NOT be...

    It will not be a retreat where you sit and receive a lecture:  Your renewal will come from the interaction between yourself, your fellow attendees and the team that will be leading your renewal experience.   

    It will not be a public confession: The witnesses that you will hear from are willing to share how Jesus Christ has impacted their lives with you but you are under no obligation to share any aspect of your life unless you choose to do so.  

    It has not, is not, and never will be a parish ministry: Christ Renews His Parish is a renewal for parishioners put on by parishioners.  Everyone certainly benefits from being able to use the facilities of our Parish, but Christ Renews His Parish is a vehicle for renewing our parish, one person at a time.

    It will not be an emotional cult: The only connection the presenting team has is the fact they chose to engage themselves after IC's most recent renewal weekends early this year and chose, on a individual basis, to embark on a faith journey that will culminate when they present your weekend early next year. 

    It will not be a pre-selected group or clique: Christ Renews His Parish is for anyone seeking spiritual renewal.  You do not have to be a spiritual person to attend a renewal weekend IC.  In fact, many people attend because they are not as spiritual as they would like to be or because they feel something is missing from their lives.  

    Regardless of the reason the Holy Spirit may call you to attend Christ Renews His Parish, all are welcome! 
    A typical IC Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekend agenda:
    • Your personal IC renewal weekend will be presented by Past IC renewal participants and Immaculate Conception Parish for the purpose of spiritual renewal and the deepening of both individual and community faith.
    • All events of the weekend will be on the IC campus, either in the Parish Admin Center (PAC / aka Rectory), the Church or the Chapel.
    • Your renewal will begin with Mass on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM in the Church after which you will immediately be welcomed to Christ Renews His Parish at a continental breakfast with your fellow participants and the team members that will be presenting to you. 
    • The Saturday session concludes early Saturday evening with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation after which time you are welcome to pray in the Church or depart for home.
    • Your renewal will continue on Sunday morning as all renewal participants and team members attending  a Sunday morning Mass and enjoying a group breakfast.  The renewal experience will continue as we  meet with the Sunday session planned to conclude mid to late Sunday afternoon.
    What About Meals?
    • You will be pampered with great meals while on the weekend. There will be many breaks throughout the weekend with snacks and drinks provided. 
    • If you have special dietary requirements please let us know when you register and every attempt will be made to accommodate your needs.

    What is the dress?
    • Dress is appropriate casual for the entire weekend, since we will be spending time in the Church and Chapel as well as the Rectory.

     How Much Does it Cost? 
    • There is no charge for attending the weekend; it is our Parish's gift to you. 
    • The weekend is given by prior Christ Renews His Parish and Immaculate Conception Parish for the purpose of spiritual renewal and the deepening of both individual and community faith. 
    • If you feel inclined, free will donations will be accepted at the end of the weekend to help defray the costs of the program.