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    Fr. David Mowry, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
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    Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
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    2015 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: August 2015
  • Worship Commission Meeting August 17, 2015

    Attendance: Fr. David Mowry, Lisa Grisolia, Maria Wilbert, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Dave McCaffrey, Lucy Milar, Peg Cello, Jim Viola, Tom Hanik and Joyce Callahan.

    Faith Sharing: We read from Gospel of Luke, Chapter 18:15-17, and the Prayer to St. Therese.  Both reflect that the attitude of a disciple should be marked by the receptivity and trustful dependence characteristic of the child.  We must have the mind of a child to enter the Kingdom of God – Our Father in heaven is to be trusted as a child trusts his father and mother to be there to care for him or her.  We cannot gain God’s favor by our own merit.

    Minutes:   June minutes approved, with one correction – the new Baptism Host Ministry has 6 volunteers, not 9, according to our new coordinator, Joyce Callahan.

    Parish Council:  No report. 

    IC Fest:  We discussed the Mass.  The team of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers (EEM), Lectors and Altar Servers is forming per Dave, Peg and Maria.  Football players will be acting as ushers and should arrive at 3:00.  They will assist with both collection and help direct people during Communion.  Jeff will set out the chalked area prior to 2:00.  Father David will check with Deacons John and Keith.  Will need a total of 8 EEMs plus Father David and Father Tom.  Dave M. will have maps available to assist in locations.  Scouts should be at park at 2:00 to set up the chairs.  Worship Commission members should arrive at 2:00 in the Agnesian Room.  Maria will have the sign off sheets.  All ministers are to arrive at park no later than 3:45.  Lisa and Jeff will work out the sound system.  After Mass, Father David will bring the Holy Eucharist back to the church and Jim Viola will accompany him with the collection.  Father David will draft up an announcement for Father Tom to read at the end of Mass requesting that the children bring the chairs back over to the fest.  Martha will post signs for the Church and Chapel indicating that there is no Saturday 5:15 Mass.  Maria will get a notice in the bulletin regarding the same.

    Liturgical Minister Guidelines:  Dave M. shared a copy of the August 2012 Task Description for the Mass Captain, and a revised draft with suggestions of adjustments.  The goal is to clarify the MC’s responsibility relating to the Liturgical Ministers (LM) and to create better working relationships.  This is an opportunity for MCs to work with LMs to optimize knowledge and practice.  The WC is to focus on revising this task description first, and the others will follow.  The MCs want the support of the WC to redirect people.  We need to train the MCs.  We discussed the reality that each Mass and the procedures are a bit different, depending on whether there is another Mass following and location of the Mass.  The EEMs should all check in to the Sacristy after Mass to offer their assistance.  George Loss asked to be relieved of his assignment as MC Coordinator.  Peg will take on this responsibility in the interim, until the position is filled. 

    There was a suggestion that we pull together a binder that would include a picture of how to set up the credence table in the church and chapel; the guidelines and task descriptions for the Liturgical Ministers; dress code, etc.  WC should review and provide comments to Dave M.  The subcommittee will have a meeting with MCs the second week of September and will revise all procedures.

    Liturgical Training: Father David has a conflict on 8/18 so is unable to attend the Minister Training – only 1 EM and no lectors signed up for that day.  On 8/22, Father David will do a brief opening reflection but has a funeral to preside at so unable to attend the whole training.

    Year of Family Prayer Card:  Father will try to make this happen more consistently.

    Year of Family Prayer Service:  About 25 people attended.  It was a good cross section of the parish.  Father David decided to have the basket at the Alter of St. Joseph, who is the Patron Saint of the family.  Peg will send in another bulletin article describing the Prayer Service that was held on August 12, telling people that they may place their petitions in the basket at the Feet of St. Joseph (and the Sacred Heart when Masses move to the Chapel) and invite the parish to attend the next service on October 21 at 7:00 pm in the Church.

    Music Ministry:  We have a few new junior cantors, who Lisa is transitioning to cantors.  WC should encourage people with fine voices to contact Lisa to join the choir.

    Mass times:  Several weeks ago, Father Tom and Father David agreed that there would not be a 7:30 Mass on Fridays, when there is a 6:15 and 8:15 Mass.  Monday – Thursday will remain at 6:15 and 7:30.  Tom will write up an article for the bulletin.

    Miscellaneous:  Father David asked if someone would volunteer to write up the procedures for distribution of the Eucharist for the sick and home bound, and the gluten free so that visiting priests know the process.  Those who require gluten free know that they are to put their pyx into the Priest’s ciborium and that those who distribute to the sick go to the sacristy prior to Mass.  Also, on MC’s task description, need to add that the MC should brief the visiting priest about the procedures. These will be posted along with other directional guidance.  Peg agreed to write up the procedures. 

    For Next Meeting:  Be sure that the September agenda includes the Christmas Caroling.  We also want to be ready for the Extraordinary Jubilee for the Year of Mercy which begins next year, beginning on December 8.

    Father David closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

    Next WC meeting is scheduled for September 21 at 7:00 PM.  Next Leadership Night is Monday October 19.