Worship Commission News
Worship Commission Members:

Tom Kaiser, Co Chairperson
Mary PatTyson Vanderlaan, Co Chairperson
Fr. David Mowry, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
Tom Hanik
Joe and Sue Bronsnan
Lucy Millar
Jim Viola
Mary Lou Rafferty
Dave McCaffrey
Dr. George Loss
Peg Cello

Alan Conkle

Protecting God's Children at IC

    2014 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: May 2014 (no June 2014 meeting)
  • Worship Commission Meeting May 19, 2014

    Attendance: Fr. David Mowry, Lisa Grisolia, Maria Wilbert, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Dave McCaffrey, Jim Viola, George Loss, Peg Cello, Lucy Milar, Tom Hanik, Keith Wolf.  Special guests:  Father Tom Paul, Father Scott McCawley, Deacon John Feely, Jeff Williams.

    Celebration of Father David’s First Anniversary as a Priest!  We had a surprise dinner to celebrate Father David’s anniversary.  Jim Viola read a prayer in thanksgiving for the priesthood, and we all thanked God and prayed for Father David’s continued growth in love, holiness and service.

    Faith Sharing: We read Psalm 66 “Let all the Earth Cry Out to God with Joy!”, and John 14:15-21, the reading for Sunday May 25 – “If you love me you will keep my commandments…I will not leave you orphans…and whoever loves me will be loved by my Father and I will love him and reveal myself to him.”

    Minutes:  Minutes from March were approved.  Let the minutes reflect that George Loss was in attendance.

    Parish Council:  Father David reported out.  Leadership Night is June 2 at 7:00 in Marian Room.  The main agenda item is to review the past year, and celebrate the successes and accomplishments.  Light dinner will be served compliments of PC.  By May 30, Worship Commission members should send via email the 2-3 accomplishments (send to Father David and Tom Kaiser, with cc to all), and we will report out.  We will determine whether a separate June WC meeting is needed in addition to the Leadership Night.

    IC Fest:  The Mass will be at 4:00.  We discussed a myriad of topics and concerns including: 

    • The crowd thinned out by 8:00 except in the beer tent.  After much discussion, we recommended that the IC Fest end at 8:00 and the beer tent close at 9:00.  We also recommended that the beer tent be larger since it was very crowded.

    • The sound system at Mass last year had problems due to voltage drops and equipment not being appropriate for its intended use.  Jeff recommended that we rent (we have used Perry’s in the past); that we get 4-6 speakers; a portable generator (C&E Rental has been very generous in the past) for 2 speakers in the back; and that the choir sing.  We agreed that we should proceed with these changes and pay for rental.

    • The seating areas need to be determined and planned ahead of time.  There are concerns with sun, trees, placement of altar, aisles to distribute Holy Communion, etc.  We should use chalk to mark the aisles.  Maria needs to inform the Park District where to move the park benches.  We recommended that we rent chairs again and that they be delivered directly to the park.  After the Mass an announcement will be made for people to bring the chairs back over to the Fest area.  Regarding the athletic groups, Maria will contact Tom and Mary Liz to invite the football and volleyball teams.  The high school football team has an “away game” so will not be there.  Need to be sure that the ushers have bulletins and that they are passed out at end of Mass.  Thank you Dave for the graphics – need to update the plan.

    • Parking, signage, and street closure was discussed.  People must not park in other Church lots without permission or they risk being towed.  Jeff will make up a map to indicate which roads will be blocked; where people can be dropped off; where volunteers would be stationed with signs to keep people from parking in other church lots.  An announcement will be made before Mass begins to warn people that they must move their cars if they parked in the wrong lot.  Jeff will take care of the signs and check with the Public school to see if we can use their lot.  There was concern about security, so security must be planned for/hired – Jeff will follow up and will send out a map with locations of closed roads;  where not to park, etc.

    • The Mass – we finally got to discuss the MassJ.  We need to be sure to have 2 additional Eucharistic stations at the back.  We will need a total of 6 Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers plus two Priests =   total 8.  Body of Christ only will be distributed.  Peg will be sure to get them all checked in and on board with the plan that day.  The platform for the altar should be one level only.  If it rains, the Mass will be in the Chapel.

    • We should get there at 2:00 to set up.

    Ministry Weekend:  It happened on May 18 and there were not many new volunteers at first glance.  Maria asked if we could add tables during “Donut Sunday” to get additional new volunteers and we all agreed that would be fine.  Father Tom suggested that there are some volunteers where there is an urgent need, so we should periodically be adding pleas for volunteers in the bulletin and as special announcements.  We should also be putting notices in the newsletter.  WC members should discuss what our critical needs and work with Maria to get those special requests highlighted and written up.  Maria will comb through the volunteer sheets and get the new volunteers out to the Commissions.  We discussed requirements such as the need to be a member of the parish; the need to be in good standing in the Church in order to carry out some ministries (e.g. distribution of Holy Communion); the requirement of all ministers to take “Protecting God’s Children”; the need for volunteers who are “minors” to have referrals and references, and that those references be checked (Pam has the form and she also does the background checks).  Father Tom said that Altar Servers do not need to fill out these forms or go through the referral process.  So, Maria with assistance of other staff will determine the “standing” of the volunteer; send to coordinators; coordinators will contact new volunteer and help them to get the formation training (see below); and do the logistics/basic training.

    Ministry Training:  Peg trained 9 new Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.  Father Tom prefers that the formation aspect of the training include a discernment as to whether the individual has the gift and capability to carry out the ministry.  We discussed that we should have 3-4 “formational” trainings per year for new ministers that would include an hour led by Father David (or his designee), followed by an hour for Pam (or another qualified individual) to present the “Protecting God’s Children”.  It was not clear as to whether Father David’s training is open to all ministers, or only new ones, so this needs further discussion.  Father David and Pam will discuss this more.

    Year of Mary:  All is going very well.

    Miscellaneous – Summertime Masses will be in the Church except Sunday 5:15 which will be in the Chapel.  Dave will work with George to get notes out to the Mass Captains as to where the Ministers need to be placed in the Church (diagram) so that this new process runs smoothly.  Sunday 11:00 Mass rather than 11:30.  Thanksgiving survey – Dave McCaffrey did a great job of polling and gathering results.  The majority opinion was to have a 7:00 PM Mass on Thanksgiving Eve and to invite the other parishes.  It was presented to Father Tom and Father David for their consideration and decision.

    Next WC meeting is to be determined – Father Tom said we don’t meet in the summer, but we need to see if we are all set enough for IC Fest, training, etc. to forgo meeting.