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  • Tom Kaiser, Co Chairperson
    Mary PatTyson Vanderlaan, Co Chairperson
    Fr. David Mowry, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Tom Hanik
    Joe and Sue Bronsnan
    Jim Viola
    Mary Lou Rafferty
    Dave McCaffrey
    Dr. George Loss
    Peg Cello

    Alan Conkle

    2014 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: August 2014
  • Worship Commission Meeting August 19, 2014

    Attendance: Fr. David Mowry, Maria Wilbert, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Dave McCaffrey, Jim Viola, George Loss, Peg Cello, Tom Hanik.

    Faith Sharing: We read Vatican Radio piece from Pope Francis’ homily from recent Mass – he said that God is like a gentle father who holds us by the hand, and we need to become like a small child to have a dialog with Him.  Tenderness, meekness and humility are important facets – and that when we arrive, He’s there – When we look for Him, He has already been looking for us.

    Minutes:  May minutes approved with clarification that Father Tom’s preference for discernment relates to lectors.

    Parish Council:  Father David reported out.  Leadership Night is September 8 at 7:00 in Marian Room.  Mr. John Grossman will speak.

    IC Fest:  The Mass will be at 4:00.  We discussed a myriad of topics and concerns including: 
    • The Boy Scouts will help set up chairs and will arrive around noon.  Worship Commission members should arrive at the Chapel at 2:00 to help set up.  Maria will check to see if the picnic tables can be moved by the Park District up close to the street.  Dave will check on how to “chalk” out the area.  Dave shared a map of where chairs should be set and where aisles should be marked to allow for smoother flow of people for Holy Communion distribution.    The volleyball team will be there. 
    • There will be two Priests and we need 6 Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.  The choir will be singing.  If it rains, everything will be in Chapel.  Father David will check with Jeff to ensure all the furniture etc. is set to go.  Father David will also place the vessels, etc. in a box ready to be taken over to the Park.
    Issues with Substitutions:  For those people who don’t get substitutes should there be a penalty?  If it is only occasional, is that a problem that needs to be addressed?  We agreed that if a person often does not find a substitute, they should be contacted by Maria (with cc to Coordinator) to find out what the issue is.  It was suggested that everyone should review their profile to ensure it is correct. 

    The Mass Captains do the best they can to find substitutes the day of the Mass.  Maria remarked that there are not enough servers in September for the 7:30 Mass so Father David will check with the Servers.

    Ministry Training:  In August there were 6 lectors trained and X? Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.  November 11 and 15 are the next tentative training dates. 

    Father Tom wants 30 seconds of reflection after the first and second readings. 

    The second lector stays put until the music starts.  

    Minors will receive waiver paperwork at training and must have paperwork filled out by their parents. 

    When Maria gets names of new ministers she separates by ministry, puts the names into ParishSoft, and sends the information to the Coordinators. 

    The Coordinators should send welcoming notes to the new ministers, and tell them about training.  They can be started as substitutes and later be added to the schedule.  We will do another training in May.  

    Solemnities and Feasts:  It was difficult to get ministers for the Feast of the Assumption.  Maria will now schedule for all Solemnities and Feasts, just as if it were a Sunday Mass.  Father David will let Maria and Usher Coordinator know which Feasts will have a collection.

    Year of Mary:  We discussed having a procession into the Chapel to honor Mary.  Father David will propose to Father Tom that on October 26 for 11:30 Mass, we process from High School doors into Chapel.  Still need to decide whether we have music, and carry an image of Mary.  It was suggested that the families that participated in the Travelling Mary Statue lead the procession.

    Special Feasts –Father David will check with Father Tom about our proposal to have a 7:00 PM Mass on Thanksgiving Eve and to invite the other local parishes in the Deanery.  Feast of Immaculate Conception is not a Holy Day of Obligation this year but there will be grade school and high school Masses and 6:15, 7:30, 8:15 and 9:40 (need to double check).

    Miscellaneous:  Tree lighting and caroling – Dave will send out a proposal.  We now only have one Mass Captain for 11:30 Mass.  Jim will check to see if Ruth Hill might be willing to serve as second Mass Captain.  Next WC meeting is September 15 at 7:00 PM.