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    2015 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: April 2015
  • Worship Commission Meeting April 20, 2015
    Attendance: Fr. David Mowry, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Alan Conkle, Dave McCaffrey, Lucy Milar, Peg Cello, Jim Viola, Mary Lou Rafferty, Tom Hanik.

    Faith Sharing: We read Psalm 118 – “The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone.”  We read and reflected on John 10: 11-18 “I am the good shepherd.  A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep…and I know mine and mine know me…” 

    Minutes:  March minutes approved.

    Parish Council:  Alan Conkle reported out.  He recapped Bishop Conlon's “Three Pillars” priority (Evangelization, Discipleship, and Charity).  The parish will focus on reaching out and engaging a broader group, for example the youth with charitable service activities.  Leadership night is June 1.

    Feedback on Lent and Holy Week:  Regarding ushers, on Tuesday of Holy Week, Maria requested that lead ushers help to get fill-ins as it was difficult to get them scheduled.  That seemed to work well. 
    • For Holy Thursday, the washing of the feet and chair placement went well.  The church was spectacular.  The pilgrimage to the Oak Park/River Forest churches was beautiful and well attended (more than 40 people).  However, it was so long that the parishioners were not able to attend our own Night Prayer Service, so we need to give that feedback to Pam.
    • For Easter Sunday, in the Church, it was quite challenging to maneuver around the beautiful flowers.  There was a mishap with the incense in the church at 11:30 Mass that caused the fire alarm to go off.  Need to ensure altar servers are instructed on how to damp down the coals.  Decision is to move the coals outside of church when incense is used. 
    • The 9:00 Masses were packed.  The parking was difficult.  There was a suggestion that we consider having the Masses at 9:30 rather than 9:00.  Another suggestion was to figure out how to get the 7:30 Mass attendees out more quickly.
    Liturgical Training – Maria asked that we postpone the training until after the Ministry Weekend, which is May 30/31st (more to come on this).  As a result, we are planning early August training.  In the meantime, all volunteers will need to take the “Protecting God’s Children” training.  Father David will train the 8th grade graduates the week of 4/20 to get them on schedule for the summer.  Last year Father David wrote a special invitation to the servers which people thought was very good.

    Father Tom wants all ministers to receive a rite of commissioning.  We need to figure out and get on calendar to accommodate this need, the required training, etc.   We thought that a good option would be to choose a specific week in Lent (e.g. the second week) and always scheduled a “Protecting God’s Children” training in March and then we would be ready for new ministers to be on schedule for sub for summer.  Peg will call Maria to determine if this idea will be OK with her.  We also need to think about how a Lent schedule would impact the other Commissions and volunteers.
    Year of Family:  The Year of Family committee met on April 12 to plan the prayer services (minutes and draft invitation attached).  There will be two services - petitions at Mass.  We agreed that we want to sponsor 2 Prayer Services (August 12 and October 21 at 7:00 PM).  The Committee will develop the invitations and post articles in the bulletin, and provide invitations to our fellow Elmhurst churches.  There was a recommendation that we check the IC webpage, and incorporate the themes for August and October into the prayer service.

    We finalized the recommended language and format for the Year of Family and Consecrated Life prayer cards.  Father David will request approval from Father Tom.  The individual priests will determine which of the prayers will be said, and how often.  Once we get Father Tom’s comments/approval, Mary Lou will work with Jeff to get them printed.  Worship Commission members are willing to help get into the pews, and James will refurbish as needed.
    Tom will schedule a Year of Family committee meeting in June to finalize the services.

    Liturgical Ministers:  There was a discussion about how to best prepare and accommodate visiting priests so they are aware of processes and procedures.  This particular matter involved gluten free hosts.  We have a procedure:  the Pyx is to be brought to the sacristy before Mass so the correct number of gluten free hosts are consecrated and distributed.  There was a related discussion in March.  Peg was going to work with Father David to develop/reaffirm the process for distribution to the homebound.  Written procedures should be posted for visiting priests and should be sent out to Mass Captains.  Peg and Father David will work on procedures and training.

    An issue was raised about what the EMs should say or do when children approach the communion line with arms crossed or adults carrying babies.  There was discussion about what various people think is best, knowing that priests can offer a blessing, but the EMs can not.  Father David suggested that the EMs say the following:  “Peace be with you.”   Father David says “Receive the Lord Jesus in your heart.”  Maria should send a note to this effect when she communicates with the EMs.

    Father David informed us that it had been recommended that 1 of the 2 Mary statues that the parish purchased for the Year of Mary be presented to Dave and Rita McCaffrey in honor of all their work to make this happen; we all agreed.  Jim Viola said he would be grateful to have a statue and we again agreed.

    Father David closed the meeting with a blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

    Next WC meeting is scheduled for May 18 at 7:00 PM.

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