Worship Commission News
    Worship Commission Members
  • Tom Kaiser, Co Chairperson
    Mary PatTyson Vanderlaan, Co Chairperson
    Fr. Chris Lankford, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Jeff Williams, Director of Administration and Facilities
    Jim Viola
    Mary Lou Rafferty
    David McCaffrey
    Steve Hillsman
    Peg Cello

    Alan Conkle, Parish Council Laison

    2016 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: October 10, 2016
  • Worship Commission Meeting – October 10, 2016
    Attendance: Fr. Christopher Lankford, Lisa Grisolia, Maria Wilbert, Tom Kaiser, Mary Pat Vanderlaan, Jim Viola, David McCaffrey, and Mary Lou Rafferty.

    Faith Sharing: Jim led us as we read from Psalm 121 “Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.!” and the Epistle of St Paul to Timothy 2, 3:14 – 4:2. “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training…”  We are charged to proclaim the word, with persistence and patience.

    Minutes:  September minutes were approved.       

    Parish Council:   Fr. Chris reported out that Alex Rechenmacher from the Bishop’s office will be present at the Leadership night to go over Pastoral Plans and to present them to the Commissions.  It is recommended that we go to the diocese website and review the Pastoral Plan – IC’s is one of the examples.  Next Leadership night is October 24 at 7:00 PM.

    Year of Mercy
    • Church – Most days through the end of the Year of Mercy are covered.  Maria will send an updated schedule for November.
    • Monthly Holy Hours – Mary Pat reported out on the Holy Hour themes and status.September 20 Holy Hour for “catechists” went very well; October is “Mary Mother of Mercy” and Tom will lead Rosary and Lisa will sing, including the Ave Maria.Father Artuo Felix will preside (he is a classmate of Father Chris).Maria will open up the Church at 6:30; and November is “for the dead” and Pam is in the lead.
    • Monthly Saint and spiritual/corporal works of mercy newsletter articles – These are going very well. November – Tom and St. Martin Tours.
    • The Year of Mercy will end with a ceremonial “Closing of the Jubilee Door” on November 20 at the 7:30 AM Mass.Father Chris will request that he say that Mass and he will do a prayer after the closing hymn and procession.Mary Lou will check to see if there is a special prayer for the closing of the Year of Mercy and send it to Father.
    • Pope Francis is considering having a focus year on youth and vocations; if not, we should consider whether we want to recommend a theme to Father Tom.
    • There is training for liturgical ministers on October 11 at 7:00 PM and October 15 at 9:00 AM.There are about 3 names from the Donut Sunday signup.
    • Tom Kaiser met with Father Tom in advance of the training and Father had some recommendations for attention:
    1. EEMs should provide a simple blessing for those who approach the altar with arms crossed and may say “God bless you”, but not sign of the cross.Father Chris will send out a letter to all EEMs through Maria.
    2. When lectors finish reading, they should not close book, etc., but just reflect for about 20 seconds.
    3. When lectors finish prayer of faithful they should turn toward Father as he completes the prayer.
    4. At procession in, lectors should not bow, but go directly to alter and place book about 12” from center and may kiss alter.
    5. An issue in chapel – EEMs need to review and implement proper process to remove and place hosts in tabernacle (Tom will outline process in more detail).
    6. When we recruit for EEMs and lectors, need to ensure that people are “practical Catholics” meaning that if married they must have been married in the church; received the sacraments; if divorced, need to ensure there is no problem, and if so can consult with Father.
    7. Tom will draft up a note to send out to all the EEMs and lectors with the new instructions from Father Tom, and Peg and Tom will send them out to their lists.
    Dave mentioned there are forms on the website for all the ministries on Worship Commission tab.  We can amend the forms to list a series of questions that must be answered e.g., Are you married, and if so, where?  Are you baptized?  Confirmed?  We should call them an application form.  For lectors, there should be an “audition” if it appears that they may not be adequately suited to read aloud in front of the congregation.
    140 Year Anniversary
    • A slight change in plans.Father Tom decided to cater the reception with small sandwiches and cookies.WC is responsible only for the decorating, setting up and punch/water (no coffee).
    • Here is a tentative list:
    1. Father Chris will check with Father Tom to see if there is a budget e.g. for flowers.WC agreed we can cover limited costs, but if Father Tom wants a big floral piece (these can cost over $100), we need to consider.
    2. Table coverings – Marie will check to see which ones we can use; Lisa thought the high school might have blue ones.
    3. We talked about the drinks – maybe punch (ginger ale) with frozen strawberries or sherbet.The dispensers that Maria uses for other functions would be better than punch bowls if possible.Some concern about whether strawberries would plug up the dispenser so we need to experiment – Maria will check.We can use the pitchers for water instead of bottled water.
    4. We will need to bring small drink napkins; ice; 10 gallons of water; cups for punch; cups for water; lemons for water; ribbon to wrap around the vases;
    7. Someone will need to get the balloons blown up at Jewel (apparently it is inexpensive).
    8. Maria will not be here but will have everything laid out for us and she will contact Jeff to ensure everything is set up.
    9. We will have a premeeting on October 24th at 6:00 (before the Leadership meeting) so we can determine who will do what, etc.
    Advent:  We agreed that we would do the caroling again on the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  Lisa is on board.  The crib will be lit, and we will process immediately to the crib and have sweets afterward.
    Father Chris closed the meeting with a special blessing.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

    Next WC meeting is November 21.