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    2014 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: October 2014
  • IC Worship Commission Meeting Minutes 10-21-14

    In attendance: Tom Kaiser, Dave McCaffrey, Fr. David, Peg Cello, Mary Lou Rafferty, Jim Viola, George Loss, and Maria Wilbert

    We opened with Faith Sharing.

    We approved the September minutes

    Fr. David gave us a Parish Council update. Our Thanksgiving Day Mass is at 7:30am. We need to be out by 8:30am so the city can close York Road.

    At last year's Thanksgiving Mass Fr. Tom blessed a basket of rolls which were then distributed to Parishioners (one per family) to take home and break the bread with family members. We are hoping to do the same thing this year, time permitting.

    The Pope announced we will celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life starting on 12/1/15 .

    Parish Council announced that IC will name the Parish year as the Year of the Family. No plans have been made yet, but we speculate it might begin on Holy Family Day after Christmas. Tom Kaiser, Dave McCaffrey, Peg Cello, and Fr. David will have an ad hoc meeting on 11/6 to discuss Worship Commission's role in the Year of Family at IC.

    The next Liturgical Minister Training will be 11/11 and 11/15. Dates will be posted in the Bulletin and Newsletter.

    The Marian Procession was very beautiful and was well attended. Thanks to all who planned and participated in the Mass and Procession.

    Worship Commission would like to see what we can do to help the welcoming of new parishioners. Peg is going to reach out to Joyce Callahan to further discuss. One idea would be to have a quarterly Mass to honor new parishioners.

    Worship Commission will have a table at donut Sunday on November 2 after the 7:30 and 9:00am Masses. Fr. David is planning on having a candlelight memorial at Donut Sunday to honor All Souls.

    We discussed what Worship Commission can do to help plan Advent. Dave McCaffrey will send us a link to information showing what we did last year for Advent in hopes to repeat the successful events of last year.

    The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is on 12/8 and we will celebrate the end of the Year of Mary. We will invite Travelling Mary families to the Mass, have them sit in a reserved section and before they enter Mass, give them a small gift like a Mary ornament. We are thinking of having Travelling Mary brought up at the Presentation of Gifts.

    We discussed sponsoring a Lighting of the Christmas Tree and Caroling event early in Advent. We determined it is too soon to do it in 2014, so we will discuss it in our January 2015 meeting.

    Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, Nov 17, 2014