Worship Commission News
Worship Commission Members:

Tom Kaiser, Co Chairperson
Mary PatTyson Vanderlaan, Co Chairperson
Fr. David Mowry, Associate Pastor, Immaculate Conception Parish
Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator
Tom Hanik
Joe and Sue Bronsnan
Lucy Millar
Jim Viola
Mary Lou Rafferty
Dave McCaffrey
Dr. George Loss
Peg Cello

Alan Conkle
    2014 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: March 2014
  • IC Worship Commission March 17th meeting

    In attendance: Jim Viola, Fr. David, Dave McCaffrey, Tom Kaiser, Peg Cello, Lucy Milar , Maria Wilbert, Keith Wolf, George Loss; Absent- Mary Pat Tyson, Mary Lou Rafferty, and Tom Hanik

    The meeting started with Faith Sharing with this coming Sunday’s Gospel. What does it mean to us as a Worship Commission, the quote in the Gospel, ‘…true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth?’

    February minutes were approved.

    Leadership night last week went very well and the visiting priest gave an excellent speech about
    Mary. As a Parish, what is our relationship with Mary the Blessed Mother.
    Our take-away idea from Leadership night is to try to set up a Marian procession. An idea is to do this in October around the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Do a procession from the Church to the Chapel at 11:30 Mass? Maybe do a reception in Plunkett Hall with multiple stations related to Mary? We will discuss after Lent.    We are going to develop a Year of Mary Card for our Marian Procession.

    George led a meeting of the Mass Captains and that went well. George is hoping to have 3 Captains for every Mass.

    Eucharistic Ministers met, with Peg leading, and 21 attended. Peg is working on having a uniform way of lining up at the Altar before Communion is distributed, and have it be the same for the Church and Chapel.

    Tom led a meeting of the Lectors and 6 Lectors attended. All received the new guidelines for Lectors.
    We will lead another Liturgical Minister Training session for all Liturgical Ministers and we are thinking about May 13th, the Monday after Confirmation. We can have all gather at the beginning for Faith Sharing or a Fr. David video. Then break out into individual groups. We will try to offer 2 dates. May 13 and May 17. We might add one more training for 8th graders in April or May right after school.

    Regarding Holy Thursday Mass, we will ask Fr. Tom if he selected people to have their feet washed. If not, should we be ready to invite Parishioners and Leaders from IC. Mass is at 7:00pm and Eucharistic Adoration is from 8pm to 11:45pm and we will set up 30 minute time intervals for Parishioners to stay with the Blessed Sacrament.

    We decided to do 4 Readings for the Easter Vigil. (Instead of doing all 7 Readings.)

    Travelling Mary is going well, thanks to Dave McCaffrey for coordinating the effort. Dave showed us the results of the survey of participants which were good.

    We will develop a day of reflection for Eucharistic Ministers. Last year’s day of reflection involved an ‘explain the Mass’ with Fr. Scott. We will do something different this year…most likely. We will plan this in our April meeting.

    Fr. David trained the 6th grade Altar Servers and they have been serving at recent Masses.

    Men’s and Women’s CHRP weekends were a huge success.

    Dave McCaffrey talked about the quality of the weekends and the best news that most participants will stay on through the year to present at the 2015 CHRP.

    Next Worship Commission meeting will be Tuesday April 22nd.

    2014 Archived Worship Commission Minutes
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