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    Fr. David Mowry, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Lisa Grisolia, Director of Music, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Maria Wilbert, IC Volunteer and Special Project Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Parish
    Tom Hanik
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    Jim Viola
    Mary Lou Rafferty
    Dave McCaffrey
    Dr. George Loss
    Peg Cello

    Alan Conkle

    2015 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: June 2015
  • Worship Commission Meeting June 25, 2015
    Attendance: Fr. David Mowry, Maria Wilbert, Tom Kaiser, David McCaffrey, Lucy Milar, Peg Cello, Mary Lou Rafferty, Tom Hanik, Joyce Callahan

    Faith Sharing: Mary Lou presented a prayer for the successful completion of our meeting which was rescheduled from Monday, June 15 due to heavy weather. 

    Minutes:  May minutes were approved.
    Parish Council:  There was no report given recent Leadership Meeting of Parish Council in early June.

    New Baptism Host Ministry introduced by Fr. David.  Joyce Callahan will be Baptism Host Ministry Coordinator.  Joyce reported that there are 9 persons that have entered the ministry.  Maria will be adding Baptism Host Ministry to the MSP system and schedule ministers as per Joyce’s direction.

    Absenteeism discussion:
    • Maria will forward ‘system’ missed service emails to coordinators for review.  Coordinators will provide Maria with text for no-show emails as soon as possible.
    • Once revised email in place, Maria will communicate to no shows with no sub requested with system email.
    • Maria will email Ministry coordinators names of email recipients via email as soon as weekend has been recapped.
    • Coordinators will follow up with call stressing importance of seeking sub if not able to meet service obligation.
    • Need full court press at ALL cluster parishes to support EMHC for 5:15 PM Sunday night Mass. 
    Year of Family Prayer Card:  Prayer cards produced.  Fr. David indicated desire to have in Church and Chapel for this weekend’s Masses.  Worship Commission will proceed with insertion project after 8 AM Mass Saturday morning.  World Family prayer to be inserted inside front hymnal cover; Consecrated Life prayer on inside of back hymnal cover.  Fr. David will proceed to have reading of either prayer (Presider discretion) before Mass dismissal.

    Year of Family Prayer Service:  Sub committee met June 13 and discussed:
    • Bulletin inserts (to begin Mid July)
    • General newsletter announcement in July newsletter. 
    • Specific newsletter announcement with complete details for August newsletter.
      • August newsletters and bulletin inserts will include blank for intentions to be completed by parishioners to be deposited in basket that will be placed in ‘Mary’ area of Church.
      • Fr. David will add Year of Family intentions to regular Mass intentions.
      • Fr. David will have order of Prayer service to subcommittee by July 13, 2015.
      • Subcommittee will meet on Tuesday, July 21 to continuing refining prayer service expectations, process and procedures.
      • Fr. David will connect with Visitation, MQH and St. Charles Borromeo to make sure those Pastors and communities are aware of this “cluster” event.
    • Liturgical Training for Lectors and EMHC.
      • Training set for Tuesday, August 18 at 7 PM in the Chapel and Saturday, August 22 at 9 AM in the Chapel for both ministries.
      • Training will include those that signed up on Ministry Sunday as well as some that missed the last training sessions.
    Ushers:  Usher Coordinator Jim Viola was sick and not in attendance.
    • There was no discussion regarding 41 of the 64 Ushers who have not apparently taken Protecting God’s Children (PGC) training.  Pam is in charge of PGC training which was scheduled for June 15.
    • There was no discussion about Father Tom’s desire to see the Usher Ministry focus more on the “spirit of service”, making it more serious.  Father David is considering options to bring them together – maybe pizza and prayer. 
    • There a brief mention of idea of ‘welcoming’ ministry that would include welcoming activity as well as normal ‘usher’ activity.  Marketing to women was suggested. 
    IC Fest: Wilder Park is scheduled – August 29th.  We revisited the previous checklist: only question had to do with who will pick up sound system? Worship or Band?
    • Piano and bench, music stand, Worship Aids
    • Sound System, Speakers and speaker stands, Microphones
    • Fan
    • Dedicated “collection room” for stuff – Agnesian Room
    • Bulletins
    • 8 baskets, Large basket, Children’s’ Collection basket, Sealed bag for collection
    • Table for Gifts
    • Vessels, Books, Hosts, Wine, Chalice, Crucifix, Votives, Candles
    • Altar Cloth etc.
    • Platform, folding chairs, chalk etc.
    This list is NOT all inclusive.
    Peg will be Mass Captain assisted by David. 
    • David and Peg have provided a list of suitable EMHC to Maria who will be contacting the persons on behalf of Fr. Tom requesting their talent at this special Mass.
    • Father David will take care of training the Altar Servers. 
    • David and Peg will have sign-in table for ALL ministers who will be requested to present themselves no later than 3:45 PM (Mass will begin promptly at 4 PM.  
      • Station location will be shown to each minister by Peg or David; there will be no ‘I did not know where to go” this year!  
    Liturgical Ministry Development
    • Task descriptions for all Liturgical Ministers and Ministry Coordinators need to be revised in view of changes since last revision (June ’12) and recent situations requiring focus on Mass Captain duties.
      • David agreed to chair sub-committee.  Tom Kaiser agreed to serve.  Looking for input from 2-3 others familiar with tasks of Lectors and EMHC.
    • Once revisions drafted, they will be circulated prior to next WC meeting on August 17 for comments and suggestions.
    • Once new descriptions approved, will move forward with Mass Captain and Coordinator meeting followed by communication to general minister population.
    For Next Meeting (Monday, August 17, 2015 at 7 PM): 
    • Review Prayer Service (Wednesday, August 12, 2015
    • Review final plans for IC Fest
    • Review final draft of task descriptions.
    Father David closed the meeting with a prayer; meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.


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