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    2014 Most Recent Worship Commission Minutes: September 2014
  • 9/15/14 IC Worship Commission Meeting    

    Present:  Fr. David, Tom Kaiser, Peg Cello, Dave McCaffrey, Tom Hanik, Lisa Grisolia, Jim Viola, Mary Lou Rafferty, and Steve Hillsman

    August meeting minutes were approved.

    All who attended September Leadership night said the John Grossman talk was excellent!

    We walked through Fr. David’s notes on IC Fest and discussed the following:
    -We will create a checklist for next year’s IC Fest so we don’t forget small but important details.
    -We should have the Altar set up first (at 2:00pm?) so we can set everything else up around it.
    -Folding chairs should all be dropped off at Wilder Park and put in place for the Mass. After Mass, we can have many hands take the chairs over to IC Fest.
    -We discussed moving the Altar up against the (east) sidewalk, facing west. Then set up seating accordingly. This will keep the sun away from the priests and musicians. The only issue is electric connections and extension cords.
    -Tom Kaiser will give our Altar and seating ideas to Jeff Williams and he can put the floor plan in special software that will map out the best way to set up the Mass.
    -Ideally remove the picnic tables from Mass area.
    -We should get a step from the altar the ground.
    -Make sure Lisa has a bench and song sheet holder.
    -Bring Worship aids and Bulletins to Wilder Park at least an hour before Mass.
    -We liked the chalk lines that helped organize the floor plan.
    -Jim Viola will email Ushers a week before the Mass to give instructions about handing out bulletins before Mass, seating people, Collection instructions, dress code, and handing out Bulletins.
    -We are open to football players handing out Worship aids and Bulletins.
    -We looked into dates for IC Fest 2015 and talked about the possibility of the week before Labor Day or the week after.
    -We decided to have an IC Fest Mass Coordinator who will run the Mass and be available about an hour before Mass to answer questions as Ministers and volunteers arrive.

    Our next discussion topic is the Marian Procession. One of the few available dates for a Procession is October 12th, so we accepted that date. We will process from The Chapel after 9:00am Mass, across the street, turn west on Arthur, south on cottage Hill, east on Arthur, then stop at the new statue of Mary at the Rectory.

    We are open to inviting the families who took in the statue of Mary during 2014 to join in the process. We discussed carrying a banner of Mary at the lead of the procession. Several commission members are looking into banners we can use.

    Lisa will provide special song sheets for the procession and we will sing as we walk. Ushers will hand out the song sheets at the beginning of the procession, and then collect them outside the rectory at the end

    Worship Commission will have an ad hoc meeting on Tuesday September 30 to finish planning for the procession. Fr. David, Tom Kaiser, Dave McCaffrey, and Peg Cello will attend.

    Jim Viola will send instructions to Ushers a week before the Procession.

    We will put an announcement in the Bulletin the 2 Sundays before the 12th to inform Parishioners of the Marian Procession.

    We also discussed music at the 5:15 Sunday Mass and Fr. David will monitor it and let us know how the new Worship books are going.

    Fr. David let us know the preferred Thanksgiving Mass will be at 7:30am in the Church on Thanksgiving morning. There will Mass announcements letting parishioners know the Mass time at IC and also the Mass times at the other Elmhurst Parishes.

    We will have Liturgical Minister training on November 11th and November 15th.

    Next Worship Commission meeting is Monday October 20th.